Arts Grants For Organizations

Note: Due to uncertainties regarding our Arts and Cultural Heritage and State General Fund appropriation amounts the number of arts grant rounds for organizations has been reduced.

Looking for grant support? Please consider applying to one of the FY21 Minnesota State Arts Board grants, which have been especially designed to support equitable access for applicants throughout Minnesota.

Contact Region 2 Arts Council staff or executive director for more information on changes to our grant programs this year. 

Arts Access Grant (Max. request $6,000. No Cash Match this year) Grants for flexible purposes available to arts organizations.  Project-based grant applications accepted from non-profits and groups formed for non profit purposes.

Arts Learning Grant (Maximum request $3,000. No Cash Match this year )  Project-based grant applications for arts education programs are accepted from non-profits and groups formed for non-profit purposes)

Cultural Traditions in the Arts Grant This grant has been suspended indefinitely.

Arts Access Grant for Small Towns (Max. request $6000. No cash Match required this year). This grant was evaluated and awarded in conjunction with the Arts Access Grant (see above) 

Arts Project Grant (Max. request $2,500).  No cash match. No equipment purchases.

Community Arts Support Grant (Max. request $7,000 per year) 2-year grant to provide general operating support for arts organizations. Second year payout will occur this year with approved interim final reports.