Individual Artist Grant

Maximum Award: $2,000
 February 15, 2019 by 11:59 pm
Review Date: March 18, 2019
Earliest Start Date: March 26, 2019

The R2AC Individual Artist Grant Program, made available with funding from the McKnight Foundation, provides financial assistance to artists in any art discipline or in any stage of their career as an artist. This grant offers funding for costs associated with the exhibition, performance, or production of a creative work; purchase of materials or equipment necessary for a creative work; educational opportunities; mentorships; and proposals for career-enhancing projects or opportunities.
Artists can apply for grants up to $2,000.

Create a Login and apply online

Open to individual artists in all art disciplines. Check out the eligibility questions. If you can answer true to all these questions, then you should be eligible to apply. If you answer false to one of the questions, or have questions of your own, contact us to discuss eligibility.

The Grant Application
The online grant application will ask a series of questions – eligibility questions, questions about demographics which we use for reporting to the Minnesota State Arts Board (see our Data Privacy Policy), and questions based on our scoring criteria (view rubric). There are also pieces needed for the grant application which you should gather before you apply, such as work samples (Work Sample Submission Policy), and resumes.

View pdf of last year’s application form (Sample only – cannot be submitted – only online submissions are accepted)

Watch a tutorial on how to start the application

View pdf of sample answers from funded Individual Artist Grants