Data Privacy Policy

  • Information from grant applications and final reports, including contact information and demographic information, is used to collect and compile statistics on grant activity from the eleven regional arts councils to our funders, the McKnight Foundation and the Minnesota State Arts Board, and also to The Legislative Coordinating Commission for the purpose of reporting back to the voters of Minnesota on the use of Legacy Amendment funding through their website,
  • In response to requests from the public, R2AC will not provide contact information for an artist such as personal address, phone number or email address without prior permission from that artist for each request.
  • R2AC will not share contact lists of area artists, such as our Teaching Artists Roster, without the approval of each artist on the list.
  • R2AC will share names of individual artists and their areas of expertise, links to their websites, business cards, and any promotional material we have been given.
  • R2AC will share contact information, links to websites, business cards, and promotional materials for businesses, groups, or organizations for arts purposes.
  • R2AC will also provide links on our website for artists or organizations that have requested we add their website to our list of regional artists or our list of regional arts organizations.