Public Art Policy

Public Art Involves partnerships, whether it is a performance in a public park or mural on the side of a downtown establishment, understanding who is involved in the partnership is an important first step toward planning a successful public art project and securing the appropriate permissions for your project.  All necessary documents, materials, and answers to the following questions must be included in your grant application to Region 2 Arts Council.

  • What will the project look like, sound like, be like? Provide a preliminary sketch or a sample of kind of music or performance that is proposed for the public art project.
  • What is the site location? Include a photograph of the location of the project.
  • Who is/are the artist(s) involved? Include resumes and work samples of the artist(s).
  • Who is responsible for the installation of the art?
  • Who will maintain ownership and maintenance responsibility? Submit a short letter from the individuals who are responsible for maintenance of the artwork or the site.
  • What are the legal concerns or city permitting procedures? Submit copies of all secured permits
  • Is the site publicly owned or privately owned? Submit a letter of agreement outlining the details of the project. Obtain signatures from the artist, the project director, and the site owner or city official in charge of overseeing the site. This agreement will state their approval of the project and agreement to the terms of the project.  Include answers to the following questions:

Does the site have any special considerations, such as historical status?

Is the art permanent or temporary?

How will the site be maintained?

Who owns the artwork?