FY22 MSAB Grantees within Region 2

Creative Support for Individuals

Charles E. Alberti, Bemidji$  6,000
Alberti will create a body of painting, drawing, and graphics utilizing the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio to illustrate the connections between mathematics and visual arts creations. Alberti will also create a booklet of the work to explain and inform participants.
Amy R. Beaulieu, Mahnomen$  6,000
Beaulieu will present teachings of beading to the youth and community.
Tawnee G. Corning, Bagley$  6,000
Corning will create a new body of paintings that will in turn be used to publish her first book.
Howard W. Hirdler, Cass Lake$  6,000
Hirdler will finish his musical, KING JAMES’ CHRISTMAS, and record instrumental and vocal tracks using members of the Bemidji and Walker theater and musician communities.
Nicholas J. Jackson, Bemidji$  6,000
Jackson chases his artistic path by engaging the community with a gallery show of oil paintings, and online videos exploring painting techniques and artist life.
Monika D. Lawrence, Bemidji$  6,000
With her Memory of the Land photography project, Lawrence invites the public to have conversations about the hidden, forgotten, or ignored stories and histories that lie beneath our feet in northern Minnesota landscapes.
Eric E. Olson, Bemidji$  5,805
Olson will present public string quartet performances in northern Minnesota.
KellyJo Schultz, Bemidji$  6,000
Schultz will advance her skills in the art of millinery by learning from master milliners and use these skills to create new styles of hats and fascinators to share with her Minnesota clients.
Lyman R. Weaver, Waubun$  6,000
Weaver will travel to powwows throughout Minnesota where his beadwork will be on display and for sale. He will also create a web page where his beadwork will be displayed.

Creative Support for Organizations

Bagley Area Arts Collaborative, Inc, Bagley$  24,500
The Bagley Area Arts Collaborative will create a variety of events aimed at bringing the people of its community together after two years of very limited arts activities.
Bemidji Community Theater, Bemidji$  21,929
Bemidji Community Theater will offer enhanced programming and educational opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of theater arts.
Bemidji Sculpture Walk, Bemidji$  20,000
Bemidji Sculpture Walk will offer an all-season, free, and accessible art venue in the north woods of Minnesota, drawing locals and national tourists to the lakefront streets of Bemidji.
Clear Waters Life Center, Clearbrook$  23,175
Clear Waters Life Center will host regular art programming with open studios and guest artists showcasing their art mediums in rural Clearwater County community.
Manidoo Ogitigaan, Bemidji$  25,000
Mandioo Ogitigaan will connect Minnesotans with Ojibwe artists and storytellers by providing seasonal art and cultural activities that are part of the Anishinaabeg way of life.
Mask and Rose Theater, Puposky$  24,900
The Mask and Rose Theater will serve as the leader in initiating a distinctly rural celebration of arts in the culture shed of northern Minnesota called Taste for the Arts, a fall tour to take in the arts in all genres at fifteen designated stops.
Minnesota Northwoods Writers Conference, Bemidji$  25,000
The Minnesota Northwoods Writers Conference will continue to provide Minnesotans a high quality and affordable literary arts experience with a talented and diverse group of award winning writers in a safe and inclusive setting.
Northern Light Opera Company, Park Rapids$  25,000
The Northern Light Opera Company of Park Rapids will use funds to secure artists for its programming.
The Armory Arts & Events Center, Park Rapids$  25,000
The Armory Arts & Events Center will secure the second year of Lead for Minnesota Fellowship and the support of an administrative assistant to develop a strategic plan, engage, educate residents throughout the region, and develop strategic partnerships.

Operating Support

Headwaters Music and Arts, Bemidji (Group 4)$  17,341
Paul Bunyan Playhouse, Bemidji (Group 4)$  31,616

American Rescue Plan Grants

Mask and Rose Theater, Puposky$  15,000