Learning Opportunity for Artists

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Application Deadline

December 20, 2022

Region 2 Arts Council is seeking seven (7) artists/creatives who are ready to say a big YES to advancing their artistic careers!

Apply today to be a part of Region 2 Arts Council’s Business Skills Learning Cohort, a five-month program created to support a group of artists and creatives in the development of their artistic careers.

Arts Learning Grant Panel Review

If you would like to observe our Arts Learning Grant Panel Review, our community panel will be meeting today, November 9th, 5-8 pm (approx.) via Zoom. Contact us for the Zoom link at staff@r2arts.org. If you are planning to apply for an Arts Learning Grant in future, this is a great way to better understand the review process and to listen first-hand to comments made by reviewers.

NOTE: You are invited to participate as a listener only. Please make sure your microphone is set to Mute and your Video is Off at the time you join the meeting. If you are calling by phone, you will automatically be muted. Observers will be renamed as Guest 1, Guest 2, etc to preserve anonymity and prevent bias. See our Online Grant Review Guidelines. There are a total of 9 grant applications for review. We will review them in order (ACHL-2023-01, ACHL-2023-02, ACHL-2023-03, etc.) starting at approximately 6:00 pm. Here is a link to the meeting agenda. Preliminary scores will be shared at the end of the meeting.