Measurable Outcomes
State the ways in which your project will impact your participants and the communities your project serves. Your outcomes must show a measurable impact on, or change in your target audience(s) in terms of knowledge, skill, attitude, awareness or behavior. Be sure to name your target audience(s). Target audiences may be defined as traditional audiences, artists, performers, backstage crews, workshop participants, and others impacted by your grant activity.

Evaluation Methods
Describe which methods you plan to use to measure your specific outcomes.  Possible evaluation methods include surveys, focus groups, talk back sessions, recorded observations, texting polls, and interviews.

Your Outcome Evaluation Plan is entered directly into the Region 2 Arts Council grants database and is shared with the Legislative Coordinating Commission for the purpose of reporting back to the voters of Minnesota on the use of Legacy Amendment funding. These two paragraphs must be detailed and concise. Please adhere to the character limits.