Artist Mentor Recommendation Form

Download a recommendation form and give it to someone who knows you and your creative capabilities well, but who is not an immediate family member or your future mentor/instructor. A recommendation might come from a local artist, theater director, current Art, Music, English, or Dance instructor or teacher. The recommendation form will provide Region 2 Arts Council with information about your motivation, commitment, creativity, and readiness for this program.

Recommendations can be sent directly to Region 2 Arts Council (R2AC) by the person recommending you to either or to Region 2 Arts Council, P.O. Box 693, Bemidji, MN, 56619. Recommendations can also be given directly to you in a sealed envelope with the signature of the person recommending you written across the seal and you will be responsible for delivering the form to our office. This form must be delivered to the R2AC office by 5:00 pm on March 1st or your application will become ineligible.