Upcoming Grant Review and Professional Development Opportunity

Arts Learning Grant Application Review
(via Zoom)
November 15, 2021
Starting time: 4:30 p.m.

The Region 2 Arts Council operates in the spirit of the open meeting law. Currently our meetings and grant application reviews are conducted online via Zoom. The public is always welcome and encouraged to attend these sessions. For remote access to our board meetings and review sessions please contact us for details on how to attend.

Business Skills Learning Cohort
for Artists & Creatives
Applications are due November 29

The Region 2 Arts Council seeks eight (8) artists/creatives who are ready to say a big YES to their artistic career and would benefit from working with other artists/creatives along the way!


This is a 6-month program created to support a group of artists and creatives in the development and furthering of their artistic career.