Individual Artist Grant Recipients Awarded in Region 2

On February 10, 2020, the Region 2 Arts Council Board of Directors awarded $18,001 to individual artists from within our five-county region. These grants provide financial assistance to artists in any arts discipline or in any stage of their career as an artist residing in the counties of Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard, Lake of the Woods and Mahnomen.

The Individual Artist Grant Program is supported by a grant from the McKnight Foundation to fund costs associated with the exhibition, performance, or production of a creative work; purchase of materials or equipment necessary for a creative work; educational opportunities; mentorships; and proposals for career-enhancing projects or opportunities.

Grant recipients include:

Charles Alberti of Bemidji was awarded $2,000 to create a retrospective chat book representing six decades of his art to distribute to museums, galleries and art publications.

Gillian Bedford of Bemidji was awarded $2,000 to purchase materials and supplies to produce paintings and frame them for exhibition and sale at galleries and art shows.

Tawnee Corning of Bagley was awarded $1,997 to create a series of 12 mixed media works exploring pregnancy and motherhood.

Annette Drewes of Bemidji was awarded $1,000 to develop Wild Rice Voices, a series of six podcasts based on her book Shattering Seeds.

Jason Ewert of Bemidji was awarded $2,000 to attend a three-day course to receive FAA certification to pilot a drone for use in his filmmaking.

Jim Gallagher of Bemidji was awarded $2,000 to attend the 2020 Third Coast International Audio Festival in Chicago, IL.

Joseph Holt of Bemidji was awarded $2,000 to purchase a microphone for his home studio to better produce and record original music.

Tanya Miller of Park Rapids was awarded $1,502 for editorial coaching to ready her manuscript for publication.

Dr. Eric Olson of Bemidji was awarded $1,502 to bring Dr. John Gilbert, Prof. of Violin at Texas Tech University, to Bemidji for a public performance with Dr. Olson of a Duo Violin Recital and to offer a master class at Dr. Olson’s private violin studio.

Chuck Weygand of Akeley was awarded $2,000 to create and display wooden art works including unique wooden bowls crafted from sustainable trees native to Minnesota.