Region 2 Arts Council awards 2019 Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Fellowship

The Region 2 Arts Council is excited to announce their recipient of the 2019 Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Fellowship, awarded to contemporary artist Delina White. White was selected on April 3, 2019, when the Region 2 Arts Council’s Anishinaabe Arts Initiative (AAI) Council convened to review fellowship applications through the AAI program. The AAI Fellowship is made possible by the generous support of the McKnight Foundation, and aims to assist the region’s most talented Native American artists in their work by awarding financial support to fund creative time and/or arts experiences. This award is for Native American artists residing in Minnesota’s Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard, Mahnomen, Lake of the Woods, Becker, Roseau, Cass, and Itasca counties.

Delina White is a Contemporary Artist doing contemporary work based on traditional design. Of her work she states, “I am a Native Apparel Designer and Beadwork Artist; I am Anishinaabe. My artwork includes working with fabrics that are rich in texture and to the touch, interesting to look in all colors; I am grateful to be able to harvest indigenous materials that I know my ancestors prized, and I am fascinated by traditional designs shared between all Great Lakes and Woodland Nations that are so similar and yet so different, that sets a fire in my soul to create. I sew stories that expresses my pride as a First Nations / Indigenous person to this continent so full of history, heartbreak, love and resiliency.”

The Region 2 Arts Council Staff and AAI Council members would like to thank each of the AAI Fellowship applicants and congratulate Delina White as 2019 AAI Fellow!

The Region 2 Arts Council Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Fellowship Award is made possible through the generous support of the McKnight Foundation.