Calling All Artists because Artists Count!

“Artists contribute to the economy of MN and have signicant economic clout.

Let’s Prove it.

CreativeMN_4CLogo_0-387x400Participate in the Creative Workers study. Artist supportive organizations, including Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, Springboard for the Arts, the MN Theater Alliance, the Forum of Regional Arts Councils and many other important arts organizations in every corner of the state are working together to prove the economic impact of artists and creative workers. The study will be used to generate more public and private support for artists and to advocate for more services for artists.

The result will be more attention, respect, and funding for artists and their efforts to make their art and their living in Minnesota. The best way we can prove the economic clout of artists and creative workers is to hear from artists about how they earn their living and what they are spending in their community. Participation is voluntary, of course, but very important.” – taken almost word for word from the MCA Blog

Login here and answer the survey because Artists Count!

Spoiler – they’re going to want to know how much you made from your art this year so it helps to be prepared with that number when you take the survey.