Study with award-winning local artist Duane Goodwin in these two in-depth workshops

duanesculptureBirch Bark and Spruce Root Basket-Making
June 5-7 and 10-14
9 am to noon
at Duane’s home studio
Learn to gather birch bark without harming the tree, how to make traditional tools and create a basket using only natural fibers.

Advanced Stone Sculpture
July 1-4, 8-12, 15-19, 9 am – noon, at Duane’s home studio
In this extensive two-week course students will research a subject, create drawings and a model for a sculpture from that subject, learn about geology and choosing rock and advanced carving techniques. Students would have the opportunity to increase the scale, moving from a 5lb. rock to a 25-50lb. rock. Introduction to hand chisels and pneumatic tools and larger electric  grinders. Must have previous experience carving wood and/or stone. 

These workshops are funded by a grant from the First People’s Fund. Students will only need to cover the cost of their travel and supplies. Contact Duane “Dewey” Goodwin if you are interested at or 218-444-0247 for an interview. Only six participants are accepted for each workshop, so contact Dewey for an interview today!