$58,529 Available for Arts and Cultural Heritage Grants

Legacy Logo ColorFinalDid you know that R2AC’s Arts and Cultural Heritage grants are open to individual artists as well as any non-profit, school, community office, or government unit in Minnesota’s five counties of Region 2?

These grants support arts and arts access, arts education, and cultural heritage activities and bring high quality art and arts programming to our communities.  Individual artists can apply for grants up to $3,000 and organizations can apply for grants up to $6,000. Read more at our website and download a grant here https://r2arts.org/grants/arts-and-cultural-heritage-grants/

R2AC staff are eager to answer your questions and offer assistance in person, by email or over the phone staff@r2arts.org / or call 800-275-5447 or 751-5447. Deadline: Jan. 17, 2013.