“Train Travel Adventures” Summer Arts and Culture Programing for Young People in Baudette

If you are going to be in and around Rainy River this summer, you definitely want to look into these fun-filled arts programs for your kids happening at the Depot in Baudette, MN!  Sign up your kids for one or all of the following “Train Travel Adventure” arts programs:

1. NATIVE AMERICAN ARTS – JUNE 6. INSTRUCTOR – DEB CARLSONLearn about American Indian crafts using leather, beading, seeds, and more. Grades 3-8, limit 10. Cost: $12.00.

2. PRINT MAKING AND DRAWING – JUNE 13. INSTRUCTOR – JENNY MOORMAN: Explore methods of printmaking which do not require a “press.” Students will learn and practice basic principles of relief printing and more. Plus learn to draw! ” Morning session – grades 3-5 – $7.00; Afternoon session – grades 6-8 – $7.00.

3. JAPANESE SMALL TALK – JUNE 20 AND 27. INSTRUCTOR – LINDA REDEKER: Mornings only – total cost/2 sessions $12.00. Grades 3-5, limit 10. The class will be an introduction into the Japanese culture, including language, clothing, food, and art.

4. THEATER – JUNE 20 AND 27. INSTRUCTOR – JOYCE WASHBURN: Afternoons only – total cost/2 sessions $12.00. Grades 3-8. Actors will learn basic acting techniques, create their own theater event, rehearse, and perform.

5. PAINTING – JULY 11. INSTRUCTORS – NANCY LUCAS AND AMY LUCAS:  321 ART STUDIO Morning: Learn about the color wheel,rainbow watercolor painting, practice mixing secondary colors, and create original works on acrylic paper. Learn about famous painters Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, and Matisse through stories. Afternoon: Foil design, sculptures and textures. Grades 3-8, $12.00, limit 20.

6. WONDER WEAVERS/STORYTELLING – JULY 18. INSTRUCTORS – TINA ROHDE AND COLLEEN SHASKIN: Morning only – Grades 1-8; $7.00. Limit 25. Start the morning with storytelling performance by the WonderWeavers. Move on to storytelling games and skill building to help students explore the art of storytelling and create their own stories as individuals or in small groups.

7. INTRODUCTION TO MOSAICS – JULY 18. INSTRUCTOR – SUE HOPKINS: Afternoon – July 18 plus one hour (9:00-10:00 – July 25). Grades 3-8, Limit 15. $7.00. Students will learn the process of the direct mosaic method, by completing a small project from start to finish.

8. WRITING CHILDREN’S STORIES – JULY 25. INSTRUCTOR – JESSICA GUBBELS TORNESE: Morning only – Grades 1-6; $7.00. Story ideas are all around us. Learn to play with the parts of a story – setting, characters, and plots – as you have fun writing and creating your own mini-book.

9. PUPPETRY – JULY 25. INSTRUCTOR – MARGARET BURGER:Afternoon only – Grade 1(age 7) and up; $7.00, Limit 20. This class will be a two part puppetry experience with a family friendly puppet performance by Margaret Burger followed by a “make-and-take” puppet making project.

10. WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT IN LAKE OF THE WOODS COUNTY FIELD TRIP – AUGUST 1. INSTRUCTOR – SCOTT LAUDENSCHLAGER: Morning only (9:00 – 1:00 p.m.) Ages 11, 12, 13; Limit 15. $7.00. Will need some parent drivers to assist. Explore the great outdoors as you learn about our area wildlife. Bring your camera and wear outdoor gear/boots.

11. CULTURAL DANCE – AUGUST 1. INSTRUCTOR – BROOKE KNICK: Afternoon only – Grades 3-8. $7.00. Learn to dance mostly village dances in folk style to the complex and fascinating rhythms and music of Eastern Europe.

12. PHOTOGRAPHY – AUGUST 8. INSTRUCTOR – CHRIS TOLMAN/HEADWATERS SCIENCE CENTER: Grades 3-8, Limit 15. $12.00. This is a basic introductory class for kids who want to learn more about photography. Students will learn how a camera works and the three main components that affect the outcome of a photograph: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

13. “TRAIN TRAVELS ADVENTURES” BENCH PAINTING PROJECT– AUGUST 15. Grades 3-8, Limit 15. $12.00. Students will interpret their visions of “train travel adventures” into a series of images on two depot benches (non-historic).

14. SHOW AND TELL – AUGUST 22: All summer students are invited to return for a “Giant Show and Tell Celebration.” The public will be welcome to attend as well. No charge. Set up – 9:00 – 12:00; open house – 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

For more information and registration, please go to http://www.baudettedepot.org/#!summer-fun!

“Train Travel Adventures” is made possible in part by a Region 2 Arts Council grant through funds provided by the Minnesota State Legislature.