Important: Please Read and Respond!

Tomorrow morning, state Republicans will meet and discuss whether Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund monies should be used to build a Viking’s stadium.

We need to let our legislators know that diverting these funds to build a for-profit stadium would have a direct and devastating impact on arts activities and arts opportunities in our region and in our state.

Let your voice be heard!  Click on the following link and send the message, “I am opposed to using the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund for building a stadium for the Vikings.”

Don’t forget, Arts and Cultural Heritage Funds have directly impacted Region 2 communities by supporting concerts, festivals, theater productions, hands-on arts activities, and arts education opportunities. Literally thousands of people in our Region and in our state have benefited from the intended use of these funds.

There’s no time to waste. Please help preserve the intent of the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment. Please contact your legislators immediately to register your concern.


Region 2 Arts Council Staff