R2AC and the State Shutdown

Our Office:

Region 2 Arts Council, a nonprofit organization that receives funding from the MN State Legislature and the McKnight Foundation, will remain open for business for as long as possible, utilizing cash reserves.

Our Grants:

The upcoming Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant deadline of August 16, 2011 will remain unchanged.  However, if the MN state shutdown lasts more than a few weeks, or if the arts budget is drastically cut, it may impact the amount of R2AC funds available and the timing of grant payments for state funded grant programs in the new fiscal year. Payments for the Arts and Cultural Heritage Grants and Arts Project Grants awarded this fall, for example, are dependent on the outcome of the MN state budget.

In Short:

We encourage you to apply for the August and September grant deadlines with the understanding that if the budget impasse continues for any length of time, there may be delays in receiving payments for grant projects awarded in the fall.

Please check the R2AC grant calendar at r2arts.org for all of our FY12 grants.  Call 218-751-5447/800-275-5447 or email staff@r2arts.org if you have any questions.