Anne Dunn at Bemidij Public Library Saturday, November 20!

Ojibwe Storyteller Anne Dunn to Visit the Bemidji Public Library

Ojibwe Storyteller and author Anne Dunn will visit the Bemidji Public Library on Saturday November 20 at 4:00 p.m.  She will continue her storytelling tour of other Kitchigami Libraries in November and December.

Anne Dunn is an Anishinabeg grandmother and elder storyteller.   She is the author of When Beaver Was Great, Grandmother’s Gift, and Winter Thunder:  Retold Tales.

Anne grew up in northern Minnesota.  As a young girl, she received many gifts from the wonderful storehouse of oral legends and animal fables of the Ojibwe, especially from her mother, Maefred Vanos Arey, and her grandmother, Frances Vanoss. Like many Native American children, Anne experienced life on reservation land and also lived for a time as a child the nearest big city, Minneapolis.  Anne grew up to become a licensed practical nurse, a mother of six, a newspaper reporter, and a professional storyteller. Anne currently lives in Deer River, Minnesota.

Anne Dunn’s storytelling visits are part of the Kitchigami Legacy Storytelling project, with funding from the State of Minnesota Legacy Fund to preserve arts and cultural heritage.  For the complete schedule of Anne’s visits at Kitchigami Libraries, visit the Kitchigami website, click on Legacy events, or call your local Kitchigami Library.

For further information contact:

Paul Ericsson

Branch Manager, Bemidji Public Library