He Pulled a Rubber Chicken Out of a Hat

Last September, writer and actor, Jeremiah T.S. Liend took part in Bemidji’s first “Out of the Hat” production.  Out of the Hat is a theatrical experience in which writers, directors, and actors converge on a Friday evening and have exactly 24 hours to pull together an original play based on a prop, a setting, the first line of the play, and the actors and actresses who will perform in that play – all criteria that are literally drawn out of hats.

Liend’s “Grimaldi’s Chicken” was born as a result of him drawing none other than a rubber chicken as his prop among a colorful combination of other elements.  His play, written in 12 hours, was magical.  Liend’s ability to weave a full, connected, hilarious, and witty one-act play in such a short time is certainly a gift.  A gift those of us in Bemidji are fortunate to have access to.

Now he’s taking his show on the road.

“Grimmaldi’s Chicken” starring Eric Nelson, Britanne Ostberg, Mallory McKay, and Joel Ward is ruffling feathers at the Minnesota Fringe Festival in the Twin Cities.  This tale of the American dream has two performances left.  This coming Saturday, August 14 at 5:30 and Sunday, August 15 at 4:00.  Performances take place at the Playwright’s Center, 2301 E Franklin Avenue on the West Bank in Saint Paul.

For more information about how to support Jeremiah’s play, click here.   If you happen to be in the Twin Cities this coming weekend and would enjoy a break from whatever you are focused on, think about attending his play.  You’ll leave smiling.